Guatify is committed to bringing you the beautiful Maya culture of Guatemala by offering handmade huipil products with free worldwide shipping and great packages for travel and tours in Guatemala.


We collaborate with artisans in the Guatemalan highlands who take pride in keeping their culture and craft alive to give you a carefully curated selection of handmade huipil and leather bags, shoes, straps, and much more! We only work with the most dedicated artisans who source the best materials –beautiful huipil fabrics and locally-sourced, full-grain leather – to create high quality and standout pieces that you (and everyone else) will fall in love with!

If you’re not sure what “huipil” (pronounced: wee-peel) is, this is part of our mission – to introduce this traditional Mesoamerican wardrobe staple to the global market. Huipil is a richly embroidered blouse, handwoven on back-strap looms using timeless techniques passed down for generations. A single garment can take anywhere from one to six months to complete, but the end result is a one-of-a-kind work of art. Not only that, but each huipil design holds great cultural significance and sacred meaning as each region, town, and village possesses its own style and pattern.

The skilled artisans seamlessly fuse this Mayan tradition with modern design and production techniques to create an innovative category of luxury fashion. Guatify brings you these unique Huipil bags, shoes, and straps for women looking to express their individual sense of style beyond cookie-cutter high-street fashion. Guatify products are vibrant with a unique style that we promise will be a talking piece everywhere you go!

Travel & Tours

We, at Guatify, fell in love with Guatemala, its people, culture, and well-preserved nature and we want to help you plan your next trip to this magical place! Not only is it home to ancient Maya civilization, but it also has breathtaking and diverse landscapes, from volcanoes, mountains, and lakes, to forests and selfie-worthy pristine beaches. Our travel services make it easier to book everything from flight, to accommodation, to of course the tours to experience Guatemala as it was intended to be explored!