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Things To Do In Guatemala

Guatemala is a country small in size compared to the countries of the American continent but has a diversity of attractions that make it unique in the region.  Its most interesting activities range from visits to the impressive Mayan ruins to colonial cities that do not advance in time. In major cities, there is plenty of nightlife, bars, and restaurants, but the country has also rich natural sites.

Things to do in Guatemala:

Travel to the ruins: Mayan cities are distributed in various parts of the country but have their heart in Tikal in the Peten department. Visitors from around the world come to live an amazing experience and be captivated by the environment.

Visit museums and historic houses: Antigua Guatemala takes the baton from the legacy of the colonial period in Guatemala and Central America. The city was the capital for centuries and had to be abandoned by a controversial political decision after an earthquake. The buildings have been restored to create a striking look for the visitor, and to recreate the essence of a city that seems frozen in time. There are other places that preserve historical evidence relevant to national and regional history. One is the Popol Vuh Museum, which has a moving collection of pre-Hispanic and colonial art.

Adventures in Volcanoes: Through Guatemalan territory stands a volcanic mountain range that has a very salient point near the city with the spectacular Pacaya. Guatemala has the highest volcano in Central America and part of its border with Mexico is another volcano.

Lakes, beaches, and rivers: A water and nature lover will love visiting Guatemala. Besides the beautiful beaches in the Pacific and Atlantic, with marked differences between their characteristics, and rivers, the biggest attraction is represented by the lakes. Everyone has different characteristics: The Atitlan is amazing in itself and the Amatitlan is located near the capital. Meanwhile, the Peten lakes give the exotic character to a land that has the great legacy of the Maya and is in the middle of the jungle.

Enjoy nature: Guatemala has many national parks, forest reserves, and sanctuaries for animals and plants. There are thousands of species across the country to offer a wonderful view for visitors. Ecotourism has grown in recent years as an important activity, mainly in the forests. In addition, students and researchers from various institutes worldwide travel to analyze the behavior of its ecosystem.

‘Chapin’ Nightlife: It isn’t the most important aspect of the country but also part of the range of offerings for visitors. Restaurants, bars, hotels, and clubs are clustered in the ‘Zona Viva’ (Alive Zone) of the capital. That is the heart of entertainment in the country to also present another point of the diversity of activities.

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